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Join us at Business & Society Research Seminar, June 20-21, 2022

About the BSS Seminar

Audencia is hosting the 2022 edition of the Business & Society Research Seminar for PhD students and emerging scholars on the 20th and 21st of June 2022.

  • Are you a PhD candidate or an emerging scholar conducting research in the field of Business and Society, Sustainable Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development Goals, Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship or a related topic?
  • Do you want to discuss one of your research papers or your PhD project with leading scholars in the field to enhance your ability to write and review scholarly publications?
  • Are you looking for some mentoring from leading experts or do you want to develop your academic network?

Then this seminar is for you!


The objective of this two-day seminar is to bring together doctoral students, emerging scholars, and more experienced academics to present and discuss their research projects and receive feedback in a stimulating, developmental and friendly atmosphere.

We will explore commonalities as well as differences in each other’s research approaches and themes in an inspiring, sociable, and convivial academic setting. This seminar consists of a mix of plenary sessions, full paper and research idea sessions as well as several workshops around career development and publications strategy. All sessions will involve fellow PhD students, emerging scholars, and more experienced researchers and journal editors.


There are no easy or instant solutions to the global challenges we are facing. Real and equitable transition to a more sustainable world necessitates continued and accelerated actions in multiple domains. It requires shifting behaviors and thinking, building new infrastructure and systems, and keeping the pressure on businesses, policymakers and transnational entities to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

To build a sustainable future, we need to call upon our imagination and creative skills. We need to think differently, see problems in new ways, and develop innovative responses.

….in other words to call upon the art of sustainability…

This year’s seminar wants to examine the art of sustainably in all its aspects, forms and meanings. It is a call for boldness and imagination but also a call to reconnect to our emotions and to nature, and move towards the system changes that are required.

…art such as…


to inspire change, shift perspectives, connect with emotions, help us imagine alternative futures, liberate us, make visible the invisible. Art can be a catalyst to foster sustainability thinking and help us overcome barriers.

State of the Art

to create a masterpiece, to understand where the B&S field is and where it is going, what is missing or not working, our research needs to engage with the state of the art.

Artful Teaching

to transform our systems, we need the right skills and mindsets.

Performing Arts

to change organizations and address sustainability challenges, we need to walk the talk, organizations need the proper tools, techniques, knowledge and skills.


publications yes, but we need to think about how to build a well-balanced portfolio of publications and keep some freedom to publish unconventional articles.


to bring about change, we need to shift perspectives and inspire. The art of activism, in all its various forms, can help to provoke and contribute to sustainable development.

Artist’s Retreat

to be working at the forefront of sustainability is not always easy and requires not only to care for our art but also caring for ourselves.

Artistic Impression

to communicate about our research in an unexpected and stimulating manner, the usual ‘ppt’ is not always the most inspiring and appropriate way. Maybe we could think of other ways to present and share our research.

A Blank Canvas

for everything that we haven’t thought of yet…

Let’s (st)art the change!

Keynote: André Spicer, Professor of Organizational Behavior and the Dean of Bayes Business School in London, UK

Keynote: Douglas Atkinson, Free University of Brussels, Belgium


The 2022 edition of the Business & Society seminar will be hosted by Audencia Business School which is located in Nantes (France), a city on the Loire River in the Upper Brittany region of western France. The event is supported by GAIA (Audencia’s school of ecological and social transition) and the Positive Impact Chair.

The event is also financially supported by:

LouRIM Louvain Research Institute in Management and Organizations (UCLouvain, Belgium)

IÉSEG Center for Organizational Responsibility (ICOR) at IÉSEG School of Management and LEM-CNRS (France)

ICHEC Brussels Management School (Belgium)

VU Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

University of Namur (Belgium)

University of Mannheim | Business School


More than 20 experienced scholars are invited to attend the seminar. Next to the organizing committee, confirmed guests include :

Emma Avetisyan (Audencia)
Gui Azevedo (Audencia)
Frank Boons (University of Manchester)
Martin de Jong (Rotterdam School of Management)
Kenneth De Roeck (SKEMA)
Christel Dumas (ICHEC Brussels Management School),
Laura Marie Edinger-Schons (University of Mannheim)
Manal El Abboubi (University Mohamed V Rabat)
Assaad El Akremi (Universty of Toulouse)
Ursa Golob (University of Ljubljana)
Jean-Pascal Gond (Bayes Business School),
Jennifer Goodman (Audencia)
Catherine Janssen (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Arno Kourula (University of Amsterdam Business School)
Céline Louche (Audencia)
Fançois Maon (IESEG School of Management),
Klement Podnar (University of Ljubljana)
Sophie Pondeville (UNamur)
Yuliya Shymko (Audencia)
Valérie Swaen (UCLouvain),
Koen van Bommel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Natalia Vershinina (Audencia)
Christian Vogtlin (Audencia)
Christopher Wickert (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)


Audencia, France

Audencia, France

Audencia, France

Audencia, France

University of Namur, Belgium

Faculty of Economics, social sciences and business administration, IRDENa, University of Namur

UCLouvain, LouRIM , Belgium & IÉSEG School of Management, France

IÉSEG School of Management, France

IÉSEG School of Management, France

ICHEC Brussels Management School, Belgium

VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands

VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands

University of Mannheim